Sponsoring as a communication tool!


In the meantime, sponsoring is one of the established instruments in the communications mix of companies. In sports, in cultural events as well as in the ecological, social and media sphere, people, projects, institutions and audiovisual programs are supported in a targeted manner and their own events are initiated in order to confront participants and viewers with communication intentions of companies.

Sponsorship nowadays is so much more than prominent placement of logos. In recent years, the fields of sports, culture and social affairs have become a lot more professional. Especially now, in the age of information overload, sponsorships can help to differentiate and emotionalize your company, brands, and products. 

Sponsorship can be easily integrated into a wide range of corporate communications. In addition to a positive impact on the company's image and employee motivation, sponsorships can approach target groups that are hard to reach with traditional communication measures. Here again a long-term partnership has sustainable effects.


We are Business Partners of the Rhein-Neckar-Löwen - A German handball team

... and the Rhein-Neckar Löwen

Speed, creativity, fairness - qualities that are as important in handball, as they are in our business. As a local company, we have been following every season for years. Meanwhile we engage in international “games" and support sports and also the "Löwen".


Vereinslogo Rhein-Neckar-Löwen

We are jersey sponsor of the TSV Ubstadt, Volleyball

... and the volleyball player of the TSV Ubstadt

Focused, agile, giving it everything - our volleyball team keeps the ball in the game, even in tricky situations. Bumping, apprehending, smashing - considerate team game and winning. Worth supporting we find.


Vereinslog TSV Upstadt


Expanding the horizon

In addition to the listed sponsorship activities we support various local projects again and again. These are not always purely financial matters. If it is free consultation, graphical designs or printing of small editions - we are happy to help if it serves a good purpose.